• Plot no 10A, Sector I, Govindpura Industrial Area, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

We at Lal Ion Exchange and Chemicals Pvt ltd are engaged to serve Human and nature. Our specialities are in the field of Water and treating Wastewater. Our core activities are as follows:

  • Designing, manufacturing and executing Sewage Treatment Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants and Water Cycling Systems.
  • Manufacturing our own Packaged Drinking Water brands tested in advanced labs with utmost quality and quantity.
  • Manufacturer of Alkaline Water
  • Manufacturing Ayurvedic Herbal detox water tonic for humans, cattle and fertiliser for vegetation using different herbs.
  • Designing, and manufacturing Water Treatment Plants such as Softner, D.M. Plant, R.O, Filters, etc.




We believe in solving some of the most chronic problems the planet is facing and it may appear we are trying to empty an ocean but that’s exactly what keeps us going, our vision is to make this planet a better place to be a part of for not only humans but also animals and vegetation, because, at the end of the day, we are all part of the same ecosystem.

We being top manufacturers of Sewage Treatment and Effluent Treatment Plants do just that - helping recycle wastewater for use. We mentioned previously the importance of water and it’s an indisputable fact that the majority of the citizens of our country drink water which is not up to the mark and results in many water-borne diseases.

We at LIECL work towards the vision of solving these major problems and introduced our own packaged drinking water duly approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) with high-tech labs that make sure the quality of water is the way it should be.

Life exists on this beautiful planet in certain forms – humans, animals, vegetation etc and we at LIECL, through our products strive to serve the different forms of life. Through the science of Ayurveda, we have invented herbal detox water that helps in enhancing the health of humans, cattle and plants. Water is perhaps the most important source and we humans are not capable of creating this important resource, the only way we can make the most out of it is by managing whatever we have and we can assure you, the quantity is never an issue but the way we deal with it.